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Estate Planning & Administration

November is #OBAMakeAWill Month

According to the Ontario Bar Association, only 44% of Canadians have a Will. If you are not already a member of this prepared group of Canadians and would like to join the club, please
contact Ashley Doidge to begin your estate planning.

Wills and Powers of Attorney – Among the most important documents you will ever sign!

With our emphasis on the family unit and our skills in assessing the situation and working with family members, the lawyers at SGRLLP bring to the experience or Estate Planning the art of providing good counsel.

Everyone should have a properly prepared Will, no matter how simple or complex your financial affairs are. And everyone should have it prepared by a caring, trained professional who works in the field and who can help prevent, or at least reduce, the possibility of conflict among the family.

A will is often the last word spoken to a loved one. Choose those words carefully and let your trusted advisor at SGRLLP assist you.

Powers of Attorney should be prepared with a full understanding of the family dynamics. There is an art in structuring the document to be sure that it is used only for the benefit of the person giving that power. This is not something that you should do yourself for the risks are high and the possibility of abuse or having an ineffective document even higher.

Estate Administration – What happens after the worst has happened?

Don’t try to deal with the complexities of administering an Estate on your own? The loss of someone you cared for is a significant and sad event. Managing an Estate includes addressing tax payments due (Income Tax and Estate Administration Tax), sale of personal property, locating assets, locating beneficiaries, transferring property and more. At SGRLLP we pride ourselves in providing caring, practical advice, as well as administrative support. Allowing us to help you makes great sense in these circumstances, especially at this difficult time.

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