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Family Law

How is Family Law different from other areas of practice?

At SGRLLP we recognize that Family Law must emphasize the family. We practice the art of seeing the entire picture by assisting parents, children, husbands or wives in preserving their assets and rights as well as their relationships. We take an “holistic” approach to solving our client’s family law issues.


Does experience matter?

We believe it does. The lawyers at SGRLLP have a broad base of experience in family law and in related fields. We take the time to understand you, your case and the nuances of your situation so we can understand the intricacies of your situation.


What is our approach?

We take a cost-effective approach by encouraging resolution whenever possible. This can take a variety of forms from negotiating one-on-one with other lawyers to participating in mediation. But we are always prepared to take a matter to court where and when necessary.


What services do you provide?

We will act as your lawyer, but we also offer mediation and arbitration services to other parties and their lawyers. Advocacy skills are important, but having negotiating skills will often lead to a preferred, less expensive and less damaging result. Therefore, we also offer settlement counsel services.


What options are available?

Divorce and Separation
Custody and access
Property division
Marriage contracts; cohabitation agreements (Domestic Contracts)
Related property transfers, Wills and corporate changes
Mediation services

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