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Real Estate

When it comes to buying property, aren’t all lawyers the same?

The art of closing the deal is not just getting the paperwork done. Whether buying a house, putting on a mortgage, purchasing an investment property, a commercial property or dealing with an Estate matter, there is more to it than just pushing paper.

SGRLLP works with real estate agents, paralegals and title insurance companies, but the responsibility in the end falls to the lawyer. At SGRLLP a lawyer will have a direct hand in the transaction. No-one else can answer the questions, analyze the information or resolve the difficulties as your lawyer can.

Why is it so complicated

Because it is! This is a complex world and with the advent of electronic registration of documents, even greater opportunity for fraud and mistakes exist.

These questions can only be answered by a lawyer who is prepared to give you and your file the attention it deserves:

How should we hold title? Depending upon your situation, this can make a significant difference in your lives at a later date, for tax reasons and for estate planning reasons. You must discuss this before you close in order to get the greatest benefit.

  • Why bother with title insurance? Doesn’t the lawyer search title?
  • Why does the paperwork say I have a mortgage when I am simply securing a line of credit?
  • What if I get divorced or my spouse dies?
  • What if I need money and my partners in the property won’t buy me out?
  • What if my neighbour tries to cut down my tree or puts a fence on my property?

What kind of transactions do you do?

At SGRLLP we recognize that the real art in representing our clients lies in the advice we give and the attention we pay to detail.

  • Residential [purchase, sale, mortgage]
  • Commercial [buildings, apartments, multi-use buildings]
  • Condominiums [purchase, sale, mortgage]
  • Refinancing
  • Severances, committee of adjustment applications
  • Leases

Not so simple you say? At SGRLLP we agree and we believe that, while our fees are competitive, any amount extra you might pay is worth every penny invested.

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