Ashley Doidge

Avoiding Guardianship Litigation with Carefully Considered Powers of Attorney

With Canada’s aging population, there has been an increase in disputes within families about who should be making personal and financial decisions on behalf of incapable members of the family.

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Laws For Victims Of Domestic Violence

For victims of domestic violence, layers of issues can complicate the scenario, such as physical, sexual, financial, or emotional abuse. Victims may need to consider risk factors — such as whether there are children involved, possible conflicts arising at the workplace, or current living arrangements.

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November is #OBAMakeAWill Month

According to the Ontario Bar Association, only 44% of Canadians have a Will. If you are not already a member of this prepared group of Canadians and would like to join the club, please contact Ashley Doidge at 416-224-1996, ext. 217 ) or Eric Gossin at 416-224-1996, ext. 210 ().


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