Eric Gossin

Yes, You Need a Real Estate Lawyer!

As a lawyer, I hear the same sentiment time and time again: do I really need a lawyer for that? There are admittedly times where you don’t need to seek the advice or assistance of a lawyer.  Our services are generally voluntary, though I would always advise speaking to a lawyer if you have any doubt or worry about a business transaction or personal matter.

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Laws For Victims Of Domestic Violence

For victims of domestic violence, layers of issues can complicate the scenario, such as physical, sexual, financial, or emotional abuse. Victims may need to consider risk factors — such as whether there are children involved, possible conflicts arising at the workplace, or current living arrangements.

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Mediation News – Fall 2017: Maximizing Settlement Opportunities, and the Award of Excellence in ADR

In a recent trilogy of short articles for The Lawyer’s Daily, ADR@SGR mediator Mitchell Rose wrote about how lawyers can maximize settlement opportunities at mediation in various types of civil disputes, including wrongful dismissal, personal injury and real property matters.

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