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Mediation News – Fall 2017: Maximizing Settlement Opportunities, and the Award of Excellence in ADR

In a recent trilogy of short articles for The Lawyer’s Daily, ADR@SGR mediator Mitchell Rose wrote about how lawyers can maximize settlement opportunities at mediation in various types of civil disputes, including wrongful dismissal, personal injury and real property matters.

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Published Articles by Mitchell Rose

This article was originally published by The Lawyer’s Daily (, part of LexisNexis Canada Inc.


How To Sabotage a Mediation: An Impractical Guide for Lawyers – Canadian Lawyer

There is a mediation scheduled for this case next week. I believe it is either mandatory under the Rules of Civil Procedure or, in a moment of rare weakness, I reluctantly agreed to it… Read more


Not Necessarily Trial but Trial If Necessary: York University v. Markicevic and Why Mediation Matters – Canadian Lawyer

In the early 1600s, William Shakespeare, writing through the voice of Hamlet, complained of “the law’s delay” during that most famous of soliloquies… Read more


The Art of Litigating Clearly – Canadian Lawyer

“We’re just being reasonable”; “Come on, be rational!”; “You’re not thinking clearly!”

Lawyers and parties often make or hear statements such as these in the course of litigation… Read more

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Mitchell Rose: In the News


No Justice for Paper in the Legal Profession – Toronto Star

Lawyers love their paper. One Toronto law firm says it goes through millions of pieces a year.All the more reason for the profession to embrace the digital age, critics say… Read more 


Tag team in this corner can fight or settle – The Lawyer’s Daily (formerly The Lawyers Weekly)

Toronto mediator and lawyer Mitchell Rose had an unusual suggestion when he approached Toronto-based litigator Paul Feldman a few years ago: why not form a legal tag team, with Feldman… Read more 


Lawyers to Consider Opening Statements in Joint Sessions – Law Times

Lawyers who avoid opening statements in mediation joint sessions should reconsider their approach, according to a Canadian mediator… Read more

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