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Mitchell Rose: In the News


No Justice for Paper in the Legal Profession – Toronto Star

Lawyers love their paper. One Toronto law firm says it goes through millions of pieces a year.All the more reason for the profession to embrace the digital age, critics say… Read more 


Tag team in this corner can fight or settle – The Lawyer’s Daily (formerly The Lawyers Weekly)

Toronto mediator and lawyer Mitchell Rose had an unusual suggestion when he approached Toronto-based litigator Paul Feldman a few years ago: why not form a legal tag team, with Feldman… Read more 


Lawyers to Consider Opening Statements in Joint Sessions – Law Times

Lawyers who avoid opening statements in mediation joint sessions should reconsider their approach, according to a Canadian mediator… Read more


Neighbour Disputes – CBC Radio Metro Morning with Matt Galloway

Disputes between neighbours can be ugly, says a lawyer who believes mediation could help to resolve a complaint about a $30,000 backyard treehouse in Toronto…. Read more


Audio Interview Clip with Matt Galloway from CBC Radio Metro Morning

A Toronto man has been told by the city of Toronto to take down the elaborate treehouse in his backyard after a neighbour complained that the structure was too large… Read more


Marketing playing vital role in a growing online world – The Lawyer’s Daily (formerly The Lawyers Weekly)

The Internet has brought marketing to the forefront for lawyers and other professionals. Social media, blogs, videos, websites…in many ways, everything’s changed… Read more


Podcast Interview about Settlement Counsel from “On The Record”

On the Record, Episode 14 is about the role of settlement counsel in litigation. Mick Hassell interviews Mitchell Rose, a mediator, lawyer and settlement counsel… Read more


Leaving on good terms – In-House Counsel

If you don’t deal with a employee’s feelings at the time of termination they won’t be able to make smart legal and business decisions. If they feel wronged that’s a problem… Read more


Problem Solver Rose Finds His Calling in Mediation – Advocate Daily

Solving problems is a passion for Toronto lawyer and mediator Mitchell Rose… Read more


Litigation and settlement counsel a perfect pairing – Advocate Daily

Outsourcing settlement discussions to a dedicated lawyer can help litigators who feel talking resolution is a sign of weakness, says Toronto settlement counsel Mitchell Rose…Read more


Focus: Arbitration underused to resolve commercial disputes – Law Times

While courts largely remain the default venue to resolve commercial disputes, arbitration serves as an effective although underused alternative. What’s important, however, for those looking to use arbitration… Read more


Focus: Enforcing a settlement last stage of process – Law Times

Once a deal is achieved through mediation and arbitration is signed, the process isn’t quite over. Enforcing the settlement, achieved through a number of approaches, is an important part of the alternative dispute resolution process… Read more


Rule change means earlier mediation – AdvocateDaily

Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose says recent changes to the local mandatory mediation procedure will lead to earlier resolutions for many litigants… Read more


Rose to present keynote at OBA 2017 ADR Award of Excellence event – AdvocateDaily

On Oct. 25, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose, partner with Stancer, Gossin, Rose LLP, will be a keynote speaker at the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) 2017 Award of Excellence for Alternative Dispute Resolution… Read more


Rose to speak at OBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Program

Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose will share his insights on recent developments in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes at an upcoming program… Read more


Addressing emotions key to successful employment mediations – AdvocateDaily

All parties to an employment law mediation need to address the emotional nature of the dispute before they can hope to reach a settlement… Read more 


Legal advice vital for employers when responding to wage hike – AdvocateDaily

Businesses that responded to a recent increase in Ontario’s minimum wage by eliminating paid breaks and other employee benefits… Read more


Employment contract termination clauses may not be worth the risk – Canadian Lawyers

First, the good news: This article is not about Ontario’s Bill 148 or minimum wage… Read more


Historic tree dispute invites mediated solution – AdvocateDaily

A disagreement over the future of a historic tree is the type of neighbourhood dispute that is ideal for multiparty mediation… Read more


Family feuds: wills and estates – AdvocateDaily

Mitchell Rose says there are a variety of civil claims outside of family law that relatives make against one another but they generally share common factors like high emotions and unresolved conflict… Read more


Family feuds: business – AdvocateDaily

“There can be intergenerational issues,” says Rose, a partner with Stancer Gossin Rose LLP. “There’s often the first generation founder(s) who created the company and then it’s handed down to the next generation where there can be squabbles.”… Read more


Family feuds: property and finances – AdvocateDaily

“Mitchell Rose says there are a number of civil claims outside of family law that relatives make against one another — but they generally share common factors like high emotions and unresolved issues.”… Read more


After-hours mediation provides fewer distractions, more flexibility – AdvocateDaily

“If mediation is touted as a fast, effective and creative alternative to litigation, it shouldn’t continue to be confined to court hours.”… Read more


Benefits to hiring an out-of-town mediator – AdvocateDaily

Mitchell Rose regularly travels throughout Southern Ontario to provide cost-effective mediation services, and says there are advantages to hiring an “outsider.”… Read more


Rose creates CPD program to address mediation advocacy – AdvocateDaily

Inspired by his passion for writing and speaking on the topic of mediation advocacy, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose has created an innovative and interactive continuing professional development (CPD) program to share some practical tips and best practices… Read more

What do you find to be the most challenging or stressful aspect of your mediation practice and how do you manage it? Read more


When settling your case is the best option – AdvocateDaily

While it may be tempting to have your ‘day in court,’ there are several key reasons why you should consider settling over litigating, including changing the future rather than dwelling in the past, Read more


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