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Mitchell Rose Lawyer and Mediator Reviews and Testimonials

Mitchell Rose  Lawyer Reviews and Testimonials: 

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Your assistance, professionalism and support are greatly appreciated, and I must say it has been a pleasure working with you.  —  G.S., Toronto

As a repeat client of Mitch Rose, I can honestly say that the service that he offers to his clients is far above expectations. He is very professional and knowledgeable and is great at maintaining ongoing and honest communication throughout the process. He is genuine and takes time to truly understand your needs and is also good at suggesting creative solutions. He is very efficient and does not waste time or money unnecessarily. In my opinion, the experience far exceeds what you would expect when working with a lawyer. I couldn’t ask for a better legal experience and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mitch Rose to anyone who is looking for a highly effective and very reputable lawyer to represent them. I have actually referred several friends and colleagues to him and have had very positive feedback from all of them about their experiences as well.  —  M.V., Toronto

I  appreciated all the assistance Mitch provided during my employment challenges. Although the circumstances were not ideal, I felt reassured throughout with Mitch’s support and knowledge.  –S.C., GTA

I have had the great pleasure of working with Mitchell for the past 16 years. Over that period of time I have referred numerous clients to him for various legal matters. Most recently he helped a client deal with a wrongful termination situation. I believe it is best exemplified by my client’s follow up conservation with me: “Mitchell was great. I felt totally comfortable that he completely understood my situation and worked towards my ultimate goal of getting what was reasonable and right”. I would happily refer anyone to Mitchell with confidence that the job will be done right and with my client’s best interests in mind.  —  R.C., Newmarket

During the years Mitch’s work brought us together on several occasions, including settling business related matters. Mitch is always a pleasure to work with, because he is methodological and reasonable in his approach. He is all about what is in the best interest of his client rather than trying to punish the other guy. Not only has he earned the respect from his clients, but many lawyers find him reasonable and a pleasure to deal with as well. Stancer Gossin Rose LLP has a wide range of expertise that includes, but is not limited to, corporate law, litigation, and mediation. Their fees are also reasonably priced for the excellent and professional service provided. If you are ever in need of a lawyer like Mitch, then I highly recommend reaching out to Stancer Gossin Rose LLP.  —  D.L., Toronto

You were very professional and informative during a tough time. — S., Toronto

I had the very good fortune to be referred to Mitchell with respect to issues existing in my place of employment.   Mitchell’s expertise and vast experience in dealing with Employment Law, together with his extraordinary talent as a Mediator, resulted in a swift and exceedingly satisfactory resolution.  Mitchell’s calm and caring demeanour paired with his wisdom provided me with the support and guidance I required throughout this challenging journey.  Based on my experience with Mitchell, it was with confidence that I have referred a number of my colleagues to him. One and all have reported immense satisfaction with him and gratitude for having been referred to Mitchell. — C.A., Toronto

I consider myself very lucky to have been referred to Mitch when I needed a lawyer to negotiate my severance package.   He is a true professional who went above and beyond my expectations to resolve the situation amicably and fairly.  He was extremely empathetic and he offered very valuable insights, which helped me to see the situation from both the employer and the employee perspective.  Having Mitch interact with my former employer and their lawyer also relieved a great deal of stress for me and allowed me to focus on my job search.  The end result was a settlement that I am very happy with.   I would highly recommend Mitch.  — T.K., Toronto

I am very pleased to recommend Mitchell Rose who on two occasions was able to obtain for me a settlement significantly better than what was initially offered to me. This was driven by his knowledge, his resourcefulness, his creativity and his tenacity. As well, he was very patient with my questions, explained things in English (not legal-ese) and fully thought through everything he recommended. I trust him, value his advice and would not hesitate to retain him again in the future or recommend him. –M.G., Toronto

Thanks for all your help Mitchell ! I knew I was in good hands.  -T.R., Stoney Creek

Your discussion and advice were so very helpful and I remain deeply appreciative  of your support. -BR

Mitchell Rose  Mediator Reviews and Testimonials:

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I have used Mitchell Rose to mediate wrongful dismissal cases. I could tell that he had reviewed the file and briefs such that he knew the facts and law of the case. His preparation resulted in little “down time”. He was able to efficiently get on with the task. He understood the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case and was able to calmly and professionally explain the litigation process and why a settlement may be appropriate. I look forward to working with him again.  —  D.P., Labour and Employment lawyer, Toronto

Mitchell is a thoughtful and intuitive individual in general, which allows him to be an effective and productive Mediator. I have used him as a Mediator a dozen times or so over the years, for both large and small civil cases, and I highly recommend him. Mitchell digs into the legal issues as well as the political/internal insurance dynamics surrounding a case, and figures out how to best tackle the situation, in order to achieve a settlement. Mitchell is a pleasure to work with, and always leaves his mark on the litigation at hand by pleasing all counsel and clients involved.  —  N.S., Plaintiff and Defence Counsel, Civil Litigation and Medical Malpractice, Toronto

I recommend Mitchell Rose as a mediator. My firm has hired him for a variety of matters, including commercial disputes, wrongful dismissal and estate litigation. Mr. Rose is personable: He listened to the parties and the lawyers to get to the heart of the problem and build our trust. He was knowledgeable and creative in his approach: He had a firm understanding of the factual and legal issues and he was resourceful with different techniques, approaches and possible solutions to keep the process moving. Finally, Mr. Rose was tenacious in breaking any impasse and pursuing an honest settlement to the end. I would not hesitate to use his services again.  — P.F., Commercial Litigator, Toronto

Mitchell Rose exhibits tremendous strength as a communicator and creative problem-solver, who is tenacious without ever being confrontational.  Applying these traits, Mitchell takes a hands-on approach to mediations, often scheduling calls prior to mediations to ensure that he is well-prepared and appreciates the issues that all parties wish to bring to the table.  When working on files, Mitchell clearly cares about his clients and the issues they face.  He works tirelessly to ensure the best result possible while being mindful of the time involved and other practical considerations.   —  D.C., Employment Lawyer, Toronto

Mitchell is professional, thoroughly prepared and is detail-oriented. He is able to effectively mediate not only complex matters involving multiple parties but also matters involving unsophisticated parties. Mitchell is patient and is an empathetic listener, while at the same time he is appropriately tough on the parties, where necessary. As a result, he is able to very quickly gain the trust of those involved in the process. His creativity, tenacity and his communication skills contributed to a meaningful settlement in my case. His knowledge of the law and his experience as a litigation lawyer make him well-positioned to assist the parties in understanding the merits of their respective positions. Mitchell is fair and objective in his approach and is able to provide a knowledgeable assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the case to the parties. I would not hesitate to use Mitchell again as a mediator. – M.K., Litigation Lawyer, London, Ontario

Having worked with Mitch as a mediator he is very skilled at bringing both sides to a mutually agreeable settlement, often when it seems like there is no hope. I especially have appreciated that Mitch is creative in terms of deals, offers, and following up after mediations to make sure matter closed off. I would suggest Mitch strongly as a neutral third party. – A.M.

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Note: The above reviews and testimonials are from actual clients of Mitchell Rose and Stancer, Gossin, Rose LLP and were written by the clients. They are posted here with the clients’ prior knowledge and consent. Names have not been shown for reasons of confidentiality. The reviews and testimonials reflect the views and experiences of the specific clients and are not a guarantee or prediction of a specific outcome.