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Mitchell Rose

Mitchell Rose, Lawyer and Mediator ~ Reviews and Testimonials

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Mitchell Rose solves legal problems – including employment, business and neighbour disputes. He was a civil litigator in Toronto for over twenty years, and has been a mediator for more than a decade.

Mitch’s expertise and passion is delivering effective and practical solutions for people in conflict.

He is a mediator, throughout Ontario, for a wide range of areas — all of which he has practised in as a lawyer – including:

  • employment law (including wrongful dismissal, human rights, harassment and other workplace issues)
  • neighbour and boundary / fence disputes
  • business disputes (including shareholder remedies, family businesses, construction law and partnership issues)
  • corporate-commercial disputes
  • debt and mortgage enforcement
  • estate litigation
  • insurance matters, including property damage, construction law and long-term disability policies
  • personal injury, including slips and falls, assault, serious MVAs, and product liability
  • professional negligence
  • real estate transaction disputes
  • commercial tenancies

Note: As of January, 2019, Mitch’s is only accepting new legal and Settlement Counsel (non-mediator) work in the following areas:

  • employment law: both employer-side (small to medium-sized businesses, professionals and not-for-profits) and employee-side (executives, managers and professionals)
  • neighbour and boundary/fence disputes

Mitch is actively involved in the mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution communities: He holds a Chartered Mediator  designation from the ADR Institute of Canada, was on the Board of Directors of the ADR Institute of Ontario (2016 – 2018), and is a member of the ADR Section Executive of the Ontario Bar Association. 

Mitch is also a Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators.

Mitch provides pro-bono and low-bono legal assistance to various community organizations. He also enjoys volunteering as a coach for student mediators from his alma mater, Osgoode Hall Law School.

He frequently writes on a variety of legal and mediation-related topics for various publications and his firm’s blog. Mitch has also chaired and presented at several continuing professional development (“CPD”) programs for lawyers and mediators, including for the Ontario Bar Association and Osgoode PD. Recently, he developed, and is now delivering, his own “effective mediation advocacy” CPD program for various law firms (for details, please click here).

When he is not settling your case, Mitch enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, reading and collecting maps, writing articles, engaging in the extreme sport of walking too quickly, and trying to make people laugh (and occasionally succeeding).

He is also a former bartender and video-store clerk who can mix a mean Manhattan while recommending his favourite movie classics on both Beta and VHS.


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Mitchell Rose, Lawyer and Mediator ~ Reviews and Testimonials

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