Mitchell Rose: In the News


No Justice for Paper in the Legal Profession – Toronto Star

Lawyers love their paper. One Toronto law firm says it goes through millions of pieces a year.All the more reason for the profession to embrace the digital age, critics say… Read more 


Tag team in this corner can fight or settle – The Lawyer’s Daily (formerly The Lawyers Weekly)

Toronto mediator and lawyer Mitchell Rose had an unusual suggestion when he approached Toronto-based litigator Paul Feldman a few years ago: why not form a legal tag team, with Feldman… Read more 


Lawyers to Consider Opening Statements in Joint Sessions – Law Times

Lawyers who avoid opening statements in mediation joint sessions should reconsider their approach, according to a Canadian mediator… Read more

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Job’s Yours: An Employment Contract Anthem

“Like a fool I went and wrote it wrong,

Now I’m wondering if the offer’s strong…”

With due respect to Stevie Wonder, there are few documents more important in employment law than an employment contract. Contracts do not have to be overly complicated, and should be custom tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Yet the importance of getting them right cannot be understated. These documents determine how employment relationships begin, how they move forward, and, unfortunately – but most importantly, how they’ll end. A well-written contract can protect a business – or an employee – from disaster. A poorly-written one may wind up costing a small fortune to either party. Read more →