Employment Standards Act

Equal Pay For Equal Work In Ontario Workplaces

Spring brings further changes to provincially-regulated Ontario workplaces. These latest changes arise from last November, when the Legislature passed “Bill 148” (also known as the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act), on which we reported in a recent blog post. However, some parts of the Bill did not take effect immediately.

Starting April 1, 2018, Part XII of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”), has been amended such that no employer shall pay an employee at a rate of pay less than the rate paid to another employee of the employer because of a difference in employment status when, Read more →

Instant Answers to Intelligent Employment Law Questions

Growing up, I was a Mad Magazine fan. I particularly enjoyed a recurring piece called “Snappy [as in ‘harsh and sarcastic’] Answers to Stupid Questions” by Al Jaffee. In tribute to Al Jaffee, but true to my belief that there are no stupid questions, we present “Instant [as in ‘quick and concise’] Answers to Intelligent Employment Law Questions” (unfortunately, you can’t turn this blog post into one of Jaffee’s famous ‘Fold-ins’ by printing it). The following are only some of the questions we are frequently asked — along with our quick witted answers applicable to non-unionized workplaces that are governed by Ontario law:

Q: Are employers legally required to provide group health benefits to their employees?

A:          No.  They are benefits and not entitlements. Once they are provided, things change and taking away employee benefits could amount to constructive dismissal.

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