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Two Heads are Better Than One: A Settlement Counsel Primer

We are pleased to report that Two Heads are Better than One: A Settlement Counsel Primer by Mitchell Rose, of Stancer, Gossin, Rose LLP, and Paul Neil Feldman, of Feldman Lawyers, has been published in The Advocates’ Quarterly. To read this article about lawyers who focus solely on dispute resolution,  and who team up with litigators when required, please click here.

To learn more about Settlement Counsel, and how we can help you, click here.



Rose, Mitchell and Paul Neil Feldman:  “Two Heads Are Better Than One:  A Settlement Counsel Primer”, (2017) 47 The Advocates’ Quarterly 36-49. Reproduced by permission of Thomson Reuters Canada Limited. Subscriptions to The Advocates’ Quarterly are available at 416.609.3800 (Toronto and International); 1.800.387.5164 (Toll Free Canada and United States);